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CGM Teams

CGM comprises of a variety of committees which come together to make the event a grand success. These committees are as follows:

  1. Communication – Information liaison between CGM and audience

  2. Competitions – Conduct competitions throughout the festival

  3. Cultural  – Host singing, dancing, art performances during the festival

  4. Decoration – Vision, design and creation of decoration for the festival

  5. Devotional Music – Coordinate devotional music program during the festival

  6. Hall-Operations – Manage crowd flow and the venue logistics throughout the festival

  7. Photography and video – Capture photos and videos for all the CGM events

  8. Prasad Distribution – Arrange and distribute the Prasad during the festival

  9. Visarjan Procession – Manage immersion procession including the Dhol pathak

  10. Religious  Conduct religious rituals such as puja during the festival

  11. Sound and Video – Managing sound system for CGM events

  12. Treasury – Manage CGM finances

  13. Transportation – Arrange necessary transportation for CGM events

  14. Wrap up – Coordinate post-immersion wrap up activities at the festival venue

  15. Core team – Overarching CGM leadership team

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