Daily Puja

Every evening, Columbus Ganesh Mandal gives an opportunity for devotees (couples, singles, and families) to perform Ganesh Puja. This puja is guided and takes the devotees through a sixteen step offering. This puja is called Shodash Upachar puja. The following sequence is used during the Puja. 




Aachaman, pranayam, initial prayers
Statement of purpose – sankalp
Puja of kalash, shankh, ghanta, and deep
Initial Ganesh puja for removal of obstacles

Shodash (16) Upachar (offerings) Puja

  1. Aavahan – to invite the lord in to the murti

  2. Aasan – to offer a seat

  3. Paadya – to wash the lord’s feet

  4. Arghya – to wash lord’s hands

  5. Aachaman – to offer lord a drink

  6. Snaan – offer a bath (panchamrut & Abhishek with Atharva Sheersha Chanting)

  7. Vastra – offer cotton garments

  8. Yadnyopavaeet

  9. Chandan haladi, kumkum

  10. pushpa – offering flowers

  11. dhoop – offering incense

  12. deep – offering a lamp

  13. Naivedya – offering food (steps below)

  • Offering naivedya

  • Drink in the middle of naivedya

  • Offering naivedya again

  • Drink after naivedya

  • Washing god’s hands and mouth, chandan

  • Mukhawaas, dakshina, fruit

  • Neeranjan (and kapoor)

14. Tambool - offering betel leaves, betel nuts, camphor etc.

15. pradakshnia

16. Mantra pushpanjali


The puja typically takes 30 – 45 minutes.