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Kala Dalan (कला दालन)

CGM Art Exhibition- 19 October 2019. 3 pm – 8 pm

Xenia Miller Conference Room, the Commons, Columbus, Indiana


The CGM Deepotsav painting and photography exhibition is open to all aspiring local artists. There is no theme for the exhibit.


Entrance criteria

1. Entrants must be 16 or older to participate.

2. Artwork must be handmade and 2-dimensional only.

3. Artwork can be on any surface and using any medium.

4. Artwork cannot exceed 4ft/48inches in length or width, including the mounting board.

5. Artwork must be original and created by the entrant.

6. Each entrant can submit up to 5 paintings and 5 photography entrees.

7. Artwork must not require hanging from the ceiling.

8. Artwork must not propagate racism, sexism, or religious bias. Such entries will be immediately disqualified.


Important dates
9 September 2019 Electronic submission opens

26 September 2019 Electronic Submission closes at 10 pm.

5 October 2019 Respond back to entrants

11 and 13 October 2019 Submission of final artwork

19 October 2019 Exhibit opens at 3pm

19 October 2019 Pick up artwork from venue by 8:30pm.


Preliminary submission for curation

1. All artwork should be electronically submitted (pictures or scanned files) to the selection panel no later than 11 pm on 22 September 2019 via Kaladalan Submission Form.

2. Entire artwork must be clearly visible with appropriate lighting (no glares).

3. The artist's signature, if on the artwork, should be covered before taking the picture or scanning. This will ensure an unbiased curation.

4. Each entry must be accompanied by:

a. Name of the artist

b. Title of artwork

c. Surface and Medium

d. Size (Length x Height) in inches

5. Artists must provide their phone number and email address.

6. The electronic file should be named with the title of the artwork.

7. Artist can provide their photograph to be displayed at the gallery. (optional)


Curating and Selection

1. All entries will be curated by a selection panel. The identities of the panel members will be anonymous.

2. All entrants will be notified of the selection via email by 1 October 2019.

3. Selected entrants will be emailed a consent form which needs to be signed and returned to CGM at the time of final artwork submission.

4. All the submitted electronic copies of all artwork will be permanently discarded at the end of the curation process.


Final submission for exhibition

1. Selected artwork must be physically submitted per the instructions (to be provided to finalists) Artwork will not be accepted after the deadline.

2. Artwork surface should be protected and covered to ensure safe handling and transportation. CGUM team, will handle your artwork with care, is not responsible for any damages to artwork if not adequately protected.

3. Each artwork must be accompanied with the following details in English:

a. Title

b. Name of artist (Artist may choose to be anonymous)

c. Medium

d. Description (Optional - should be no longer than 50 words)

4. Each artwork must be accompanied by a signed consent form. (To be provided to finalists)

5. Artist is responsible for providing artwork that is lightweight and ready to be installed on a wall.  No heavy frames allowed. Allowed materials are:

a. White or black foam core board

b. White or black poster board

c. Stretched Canvas

6. Artwork, except stretched canvas, must be mounted with a minimum of 1" and maximum of 3" border on all sides. Unmounted artwork will not be accepted.

7. CGM is not responsible for mounting artwork on boards for installation.

8. CGM will install the provided artwork in the exhibition room walls in the condition provided by the artist.

9. CGM will not modify the artwork in any way. In case of any problems installing the artwork, a CGM volunteer will notify the artist immediately.


Picking up of artwork after exhibition

1. Artwork must be picked up no later than 8:30pm on 19 October 2019 from the exhibition hall.

2. Any person picking up artwork has to fill the sign-out form provided at the venue.

3. CGM is not responsible for any artwork not picked up by 8:30pm on 19 October 2019.

All artists must agree to the following terms:

1. All artwork must be an original product of the entrant.

2. All artists must sign the CGM consent form.

3. No sale of any artwork is permitted during the exhibition. CGM may assist getting any interested party in contact with the artist, if they may be interested in buying artwork.


For more information, contact -

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